Connecting with Disconnected Youth

A practical guide to positive teen engagement

In his book, Connecting with Disconnected Youth, Titus Lee provides practical strategies on how to effectively engage teenagers. Drawing on many years of youth work experience, he shows you how to gain access to the detached and hard-to-reach teens that may be in your home and community. If you are a parent, educator, youth worker or minister who desires to make a difference, this book is exactly what you need. Each page will equip you to excel in your efforts to create meaningful connections with the youth around you.

You will be empowered by the following information and insights as you read this book:

How to recognize various types of teen disconnection
Insights on how to engage detached youth
5 ways to win over teens in your community
Step-by-step mentoring strategies
How to get past youth rejection issues
A relevant blueprint on how to initiate regular youth connections


You receive positive confessions and prayers to say over your teenagers

Reader Reflections:

“I love this book! It is helping me to explore different
ways to connect with my students." - Paulette Mitchell


“This is an excellent book for all persons.” -Lynn Betts 


"Really enjoyed this book. Very inspiring for youth

 workers who have a passion." - Briana Binion 


“The content in this book is easy to apply, especially

  the strategies.” - Rev. John Mabry


“Get yours now. Titus Lee thank you for your

 leadership.” - Daymont Van Pelt

Titus Lee

About the Author - Rev. Titus Lee

Titus Lee has devoted his life to reaching youth. He has empowered countless teenagers through the years as a youth worker, advocate and community leader. He is the Founder and Director of the Operation Link-Up Teen Empowerment Program. Through this program youth are empowered through Life Enrichment, Academic Assistance, the Arts, Rehabilitation and Service. For many years, Titus has spoken into the lives of teens in schools, camps, retreats, and conferences. Each year he leads the Make the Connection Training Summit which equips adults to excel at reaching youth in their communities and organizations. He is joyfully married to his wife, Nedra! They are the blessed parents of Dranea, Faith, and Titus II.

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Connecting with Disconnected Youth



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